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SENCO Technology


KD TRADERS (FURQUAN SIDDIQUE) is Direct Representative of SENCO Technology (SHANGHAI, CHINA)

SENCO Technology is one famous professional Chinese manufacturer of lab and pilot apparatus applied in biochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and research field.  Factory and Products have been certified by ISO9001:2008 and CE.

SENCO persists on offering satisfied product at a reasonable price to our customers.  Products have been applied in 30 more countries including Germany, France, USA, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Turkey, India, Egypt, etc.

Main products

Short Path Evaporator / Molecular Distillation System Rotary Evaporator Jacketed Reactor  Multi functional Glass Reactor Vacuum Controller Vacuum Pump Heating/Cooling Circulator Vacuum Filter Liquid Separator Constant Temperature Heating Bath Constant Speed Overhead Stirrer

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